SSD not effecting task as much as expected maybe theirs issue?

i have a crucial M4

Speeds I'm getting on my M4 (firmware 040H)
Seq 253.4 /165.8
512K 227.2 /163.4
4K 16.99 /29.37
4K QD 133.2 /94.21
test read/write (MB/s)

i got EHCI active in bios
I'm using a Biostar TA880GB+ mobo with a Athlon 2 Rana 450, 16GB 1333 ripjaw ram, and a XFX HD6770

i changed from a standard Hitachi 1TB

i hear alot that an SSD is jsut about the best upgrade that can be made and i was expecting alot of things change but most things have not changed at all, im thinking maybe i have a bottle neck tho i don't know exactly that's why i'm asking, maybe something is wrong

some things are like on most MMOs i play others will load before me , like on tera whats on my SSD i will load like 20% slower then people with a hdd and i dont believe its a net factor cues i have fios 65mbps with vary good connection, besides alotta other mmos being slower like league and such
another thing that has no net factor is image loading , i use FRAPs and save alot of game shots and the thumbs and images load way slower then expected, possibly even slower then when i had the Hitachi, i have a mix of BMP and PNG images , the BMPs around 3.5mb load incredibly slow, i'ld say about .5 sec per image
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  1. Your 4K Write speeds seem low. Connect your SSD to port SATA1 and retest and see if your benchmark results improve.
  2. Dereck47 said:
    Your 4K Write speeds seem low. Connect your SSD to port SATA1 and retest and see if your benchmark results improve.

    sorry late reply , by port sata1 i assume you mean the 1st port i have for sata , its already on that one
  3. no one has any ideas on this ?
  4. Bad News! :(

    Your Biostar TA880+ motherboard is an older motherboard that does not support SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's. The motherboard only supports SATA 2 3Gb/s ssd's. You are limited to SATA 2 3Gb/s performance.

    Your sequential read is right on the target for SATA2 3Gb's performance. Sequential write is a bit low.
  5. I asked some body about the sata 3 and the sata 2 thing before and i was told that their shouldn't be a large difference in performance, but i guess i'll have wait till i get another board then
  6. What the person meant was that when actually using a computer in the real world a typical consumer usually does not notice any difference in performance between a SATA 2 and a SATA 3 ssd unless that person is doing heavy duty professional work with huge data files. A typical home user would have to run a synthetic benchmark to be able to measure any difference between the two.
  7. well ok i seem, thanks for the information, i still feel what i'm getting is less then expected but i guess i cant say much about it entill i get something with newer ports, it'll still be frustrating loading in after others tho till then
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