Can i put DDR3 graphic card on DDR2 motherboard

Hello everybody:
I have Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H S-series motherboard and I want to buy a new graphic card ATI Radeon HD 4850... Is that good idea, or HD 4850 won't work with my motherboard?
and if HD 4850 won't work tell me witch graphic card is best for my motherboard. I currently have ATI Radeon x1950 Pro

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  1. No, you will be just fine.
    Memory RAM are completely different from Memory Graphic card... :)

    It's okay if you want to use HD4850, just remember that card need a 6pin power connector from PSU, so 450W PSU or more should handle that card...
  2. Your motherboard, or any other motherboard in the world which has a PCI-E slot, will support ALL types of PCI-E GDDR X cards.

    GDDR is completely different to DDR.

    GDDR is the memory on the graphics card, which has no effect on the motherboard
    DDR is motherboard Memory. This does have an effect on the motherboard. Meaning DDR wont fit into DDR2, or DDR3 into DDR etc..

    Hope this helps :)
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