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Hi I just joined Tom's hardware and i am new :)

i am using a pre built system by HP and its : m8530f Media Center PC. It had been 2 years and i decided to upgrade some parts. SO i bought a GTX 460 ZOTAC 786mb and a Antec Neo Eco 620c Watts. It has been working fine until after a few weeks, the video games have been freezing at random. Sound loops like a gunfire and the game freezes and only way to get out is a cold restart. After the Cold restarts, sometimes the computer doesn't go past post or the green Loading Bar stops. Please help me and i hope i can fix this problem. This happens most times but sometimes it can go without freezing. and if i leave computer idle for Ex 20 min, it locks up.

I was playing Dragon Age : Origins and Singularity, COD and CS:S. Some times the texture turns black or green or it is missing.

My specs are
Unknown Brand 5 GIG ram
AMD Phenom X4 64 Bit 9550 2.2Ghz (Stock Speeds)
nVidia GTX 460 ZOTAC 786MB no Overclock.
Antec Neo Eco 620C Watts
Seagate 750GB HDD
Running windows vista home premium service pack 2
this is a 64 bit operating system.

Please, any help would be appreciated. And, i was wondering if the PSU is enough for the computer and IF the My processor is bottlenecking my GTX 460 (nVidia) :)
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  1. Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

    The PSU maybe an issue at this the problems show up only when you game, the other times the PC locks up maybe because of GPU driver issues. Did you make a clean install after you inserted the GTX 460? the residual drivers from your prev GPU may be in conflict with your GTX's drivers.

    The GTX is going through a bottleneck...getting an overclock of about 3.0Ghz-3.5Ghz will lift you out of it, though not entirely.

    A final note, HP like Dell are notorious for making parts that are proprietary , which means only THEY are able to provide parts for an upgrade(specific to that model)...which in reality means NO since they'd want you to buy a new machine from them.
  2. Thanks for the reply! yeah but i thought Antec was a good brand for PSU's though.. well i didnt make a clean install after installing but i did after a few days. i cant believe why it was working fine until now//. and yesterday i was running Prime95 and after 20-30mins, the screen went black and i had to cold restart. maybe the mobo or CPU issue? please reply back and thanks for the warm welcome :)
  3. oh sorry for the double post but i think my mobo is a OEM one. i cant get to the options. in bios, the fsb and other things are greyed out.
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    This must be your mobo... and like i mentioned about HP parts, the reason you have your options greyed out is because the people at HP didn't want you tinkering with its innards.

    Do you have some sort of password protection while entering BIOS?

    EDIT : That link i just gave you, READ through to the end until you reach the BIOS part...try those options out if your having trouble with the BIOS and have you made any BIOS updates for the board?

    It could be that your having trouble with the PCI-E slot..if its PCI-E 1.0 or PCI-E 2.0. Can you download CPU-Z onto your machine and check the slot version? It could also mean your board's PCI-E slot (after 2 years) has become glitchy...but try the above before coming to this conclusion :)

    Your welcome for the welcome!

    And how do you have 5 Gigs of rams? I'm thinking that you have 2x2GB stix and 2x512MB stix. The culprit could be your ram timings as well...
  5. yeah i was thinking it about the mobo.. i did the driver cleaning and the clean install but it still froze. i don't think i have any password thing when entering bios.. sadly/ i do have CPU z but it doesn't say bus bandwidth. and i opened up GPU z and says im running on 1.1v... i made bios updates to the latest. and i don't see a link.. but ill try. you can check everything about my PC on this link thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reply. i hope you can back to me soon. :)
  6. Have a look here and here regarding the Bios update and its just from a glance, your freezes aren't isolated events.

    Just to rule out the GPU as the problem, can you get a hold of another card thas a lil older? like a nvidia 8600/8800 or ati 4850?
  7. thanks for the links:) but i don't think there are any more Bios updates anymore. i have the latest.(5.29) for vista. and i used to run this computer with 4350 before i got the 460 and i gotta say it worked fine.. :(. i guess the motherboard is a crappy one and too old for the new GTX's. thanks for your help Lutfij, and the welcome. im going to make a new system and put up a new thread to help me with and maybe ill see ya there :P
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  9. THANK YOU for the vote! We are here to help bro!

    Um, lemme know of the thread name, that way i can help you out too (along with everyone on the forum)

    Cheers mate!
  10. alrighty man! thanks again and No problemo~
  11. Lutfij said:
    THANK YOU for the vote! We are here to help bro!

    Um, lemme know of the thread name, that way i can help you out too (along with everyone on the forum)

    Cheers mate!

    the thread is up : new gaming rig?
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