Pc resets on playing mp4 file

my pc resets (not restart) on playing mp4 video file
when playing other video files problem doesn't exit , blue screen error doesn't shows up

athlon x2 5600+
coersair450watt psu
windows7 32bit
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  1. Can you explain what you mena by reset, and not a restart?

    try a clean install of windows 7?
  2. reset (same as press reset button of case and after start error message appears as "windows shut down unexpetedly"
  3. OK, so your saying the PC restarts on its own.

    1| Try another PSU and check if the problem persists.
    2| You didn't mention the ram in your machine
    3| Have you tried reformatting/make a clean install of windows 7?

    is this your mobo?
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