Do I need to upgrade my powersupply? Please Help!

Hi, I have a 500w OCZ Modxstream power supply.

I did some tests with my killawatt and im pulling 175 watts at idle, and 315w max when im playing a gpu intensive game. (BFBC2)

Im using an ATI 4890 video card.

I understand most power supply are best run at 50% load, so is 315 pushing it? I also honestly am looking into upgrading my video card too, and am worried it might be pullin even a tad more then my current specs.

Do you guys think ill be ok? just that the powersupply efficiency wont be at its best but i can live with that?

comp specs

E8500 core 2 duo, 3.16ghz OC'd to 4.10ghz
ASUS P5Q SE/R mobo
Intel 80gb g2 SSD drive
DVD burner, SATA
Creative X-fi titanium professional sound card
1.5gb WD Green Sata drive
400gb WD black sata drive

Thank you in advance for any help!!
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  1. You are fine as is. Running over 50% is fine if it wasn't your PSU would be rated 250 watts.
  2. There aren't that many GPUs which are more power hungry than a 4890, in fact almost all the newer cards consume less power in idle than the 4890. You would only be looking to replace the PSU if you were getting a 5970, 480 or something like that.
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