Can't Reformat my external Hard drive!

I have an external Hard drive that I want to reformat so that I can backup my files on it, with A fresh start. So, I go into computer , right click it, and hit format, and It sends a text box saying "You dont have the rights to do that"


I am the only user on the computer. What should I do to reformat the drive?

Thank you!
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  1. Have you tried to disconnect the hard drive or plunge it to another computer?
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    Step 1
    Start your computer and plug in the hard drive to it.

    Step 2
    Click on "My Computer." Click on "Manage" in the "Explorer" window of "My Computer."

    Step 3
    Open the "Device Manager" and locate your hard drive installed under the "Disk Drives" tab. Right click on "Removable Disk Drive" and click on "Properties" from the menu.

    Step 4
    Click on the "Policies" tab and choose "Optimize for Performance" from the options. Click "OK" and continue.

    Step 5
    Click on "My Computer" and choose the format on the hard drive.

    Step 6
    Choose "NTFS" or "FAT32" depending on the type you want from the drop down menu box.

    Step 7
    Click "OK" to complete the format.
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