My microphone does not pick up my voice, but picks up output audio.

I currently have a Fatal1ty gaming headset with the latest RealTek HD drivers.

This problem started to happen out of the blue on my old Koss headset, and happened with this new headset as well.

The microphone does not pick up my voice in the slightest bit, but will pick up music from my computer (Albeit on a pretty low volume)

Things to note:

1) Both mics of each headset work on a separate computer.
2) Playback Volume is muted.
3) Rolling back the drivers did not help, nor did taking out the drivers completely.
4) I'm on Windows 7 64 bit
5) The mic had worked perfectly fine and just stopped working overnight.
6) USB mics work fine.

I've looked through countless forums and most say it's a problem with stereo mixing, but unfortunately since those are old threads they mostly show an obsolete RealTek manager (Though it seems that THAT manager had more features than this new one :heink: )

Any recommendations? Thanks for the help! :)
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Where are you using your audio channeling? From the motherboards audio, or a 3rd party card?
  2. Thank you for the welcome. :D

    It is from the motherboard, I don't have a 3rd party sound card.

    I believe the channels got mixed up somehow, I just wish I knew how to fix it, and why it randomly happened.
  3. This is going to sound really stupid, but yank the plug, and then plug it back in. Worth a try. Make sure it's seated all the way in. It sounds like a physical problem to me.
  4. I also had this problem and did a tremendous amount of work trying to resolve the issue. I have a lot of experience in sound engineering and tested everything possible. I literally spent 30+ hours trying to figure this out and have read 20+ threads of people having the same issue with no resolution.

    I have finally resolved the issue. I have an antec 1200 v3 case and I was using the rear audio out jack for my speakers and the front 2 ports for my headphones. I have finally concluded that the issue is the front audio ports are not shielded and or have intersecting input/output wires. I ended up connecting my speakers to the front port and my headset (output and input) direct to my mobo from the back of my computer. This has fixed the issue 100% for me. Hopefully this will help!
  5. Click on the Microsoft "start" icon in the bottom left tray.
    Type in "microphone" in the search box.
    Click "Manage Audio Devices.

    in the "Sounds" Pop up Window:

    1. Playback
    2. Recording
    3. Sound
    4. Communications

    Select "Recording"
    Then, Highlight, and double click the name of the microphone.
    The Transmit Properties box will pop up.

    in the "Transmit Properties" Pop up Window:

    1. general
    2 listen
    3. Levels
    4. Advanced

    select "Levels"

    then click the "unmute microphone icon."
    You will immediately hear your voice on your microphone.
    And now you can adjust the volume.
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