Building a new i7 PC, Need Advise

Yet again, the time has come for a new PC and technology is always 5 years ahead of my current one. As I love NEWEGG, I put together the following components. Any advice is appreciated.

Antec Lanboy air case
3x Segate Barracuda 7200 1TB Hard disks.
ZOTAC ZT-40406-10P GeForce GTX 460 2GB 266-big GDDR5 PCIE 2 x16 Video Card
Patriot Viper II (12GB - 3x4GB) x 2 (24 GB) Crying here because of price - may have to stick with 12
ASRock X58 Extreme6 GA 1366 Mother Board (more options than any board I have seen).
Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHZ

Luckily I have a 600W power supply I can use for now which cuts $100

The OS I am planning on running will be Win7 Ultimate and using VMware for several virtual servers. All this is costing me $2,094 delivered.
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  1. Hi Shrinivas, at your budget, you should really wait a few more weeks for the new Sandy Bridge i7's to come out before pulling the trigger IMO.

    BTW, what on earth are you gonna do with 24 GB of memory? :ouch:

    If this is for gaming, you'll never need more than 6 for your x58 board.

    Anyways, wait & watch what transpires in the coming days
  2. Thank you for showing me the "Samsung".

    I was forced to make a switch the hard disks to Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5". This way I can use the SATA 3 ports in the Motherboard.

    I don't know if I can wait for the Q1 of 2011 to buy the processor. I need to get a system going in matter of two weeks. The reason I am taking 24GB ram was to run several virtual servers at a single time. Currently, I am ending up powering 4 to 5 junkers to get different environments which has been very pain full.

    2013, they are introducing yet another new cpu architecture (Ivy Bridge) which may force me to play my hand again if things don't work out.

    Well, I am not much of a game guy except the basic startcraft/warcraft etc... As I mess a lot with 3d softwares, I decided on a good video card and good amount of ram for a no hick-up monster.

  3. shriniv78 said:
    Thank you for showing me the "Samsung".

    I was forced to make a switch the hard disks to Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5". This way I can use the SATA 3 ports in the Motherboard.

    No point in a sata III hd if It cant even hit the max speeds of SATA II.

    Like the SSD for example "Sequential Access - Read: 355MB/sec (SATA 6Gb/s) 265MB/sec (SATA 3Gb/s)" this benefits from SATA III because it maxes out on SATA II.

    So basically, your paying extra for SATA III you can't utilise. (plus the WD has horrible reviews, lost of defective units. Just read the reviews on Newegg.) Which brings me back to suggesting the Samsung Spinpoint F3 (1TB), or F4 (2TB)
  4. SATA 6.0Gb/s is a gimmick on hard disk drives. None of them can even bottleneck SATA 2. Stick with the Spinpoint F3s.
  5. And also if you are worried about just wanting to use some SATA III ports, SATA III is backwards compatible with SATA II.


    a friend of mine had just called me and asked me a question about AMD .... he is going to buy a MSI motherboard called 890FXA-GD70 which pocess just one SATA II port and the remaining 6 are SATA III ports.

    he is going to install more than one internal storage device, i guess 3 HDD's and a DVD combo, so the sum is 4 devices all SATA II.

    he is asking if he can connect the STAT II devices on the available SATA III ports, i have no idea about that, any help ?


    "You can use the same cables and everything. The entire shebang is backwards compatible."
  6. Nice. That covers me. plan is to raid the two drives drives and only use those for Virtual Machines. The third drive will be backup for the virtual machines. Lastly one more drive for the OS/Applications.

    Last thing I need to verify is if there will be any compatibility issues as most of them are for development and testing purposes.
  7. It seems to me you would be far better off going for a Dell/HP workstation/server than bulding it yourself.

    If you want to consolidate servers you would be far better off with Windows server/ECC ram/Xeons. If you want a personal use PC, make one.
  8. That is the problem I am facing. I have two hp servers. Upgrading the dam thing means changing the Motherboard. Mostly because of my greed, the dam price goes up to $4K which is above and beyond my budget. The above speck itself is $800 beyond my budget. But my friends are wanting to pitch in so they can run virtual servers for their testing. So, it kind of workout out where the workstation becomes mine after one year with no strings attached.

    Also, DELL and HP want arm and leg for my specks, especially dell.
  9. I didn't read the whole thread but lets just clarify:

    Western digital black 1tb drives are around 10% percent faster in loading and everyday activities than F3s. The spinpoint F3s however are slightly faster in transfering very large files.

    F3s however are also quieter, cooler and cheaper.

    In the end the black will be a better boot drive and the F3s a better storage drive. IMO get the whichever feels best because the difference in both price and performance are minimal.
  10. Yesterday was a good day. Bought Win7 32 and 64bit dvd (2 separate keys) for $130 from an ebay auction. People go nuts on the last 30 seconds. Over 15 bids.

    Picked up the CPU for $70 less from Microcenter $220 rather than $290.

    I am still sticking with the AsRock Motherboard, 1000 watt Antech power supply, Lanboy air yellow case, for now 12GB Patriot Viper II 12 GB ram, zotac zt-40406010 gefore video card - coupon came to $1390 with shipping. I hate to throw the price, but it may be helpful for people to look around rather than stilling to collect everything from one location.

    I did buy the v8 heat sink from coolmaster. It is a monster and I am worried about my MB cracking and ripping out the cpu. Don't know if I want to keep it. I don't know if the heatsink coming with the cpu will be enough.

    These three coupon codes gave me $70 discount.

    Discount From Promo Code EMCZZYR24
    Discount From Promo Code EMCZZYX74
    Discount From Promo Code HARDOCP11X3A

    Samsung cd/dvd -
    Antec Lanboy Case -
    Powersupply 1000 watt:
    Western Digital Caviar Black (64 MB cache) -
    Zotac 2gb video card -
    Patriot Viper II 12gb -
    AsRock Motherboard -
    Intel i7-950 CPU
  11. Your build looks pretty alright to me, but you didn't really need the new PSU.The 600 watt one you wrote 'bout in your original post would've been just fine.

    Also, you prolly had less expensive options in almost every category which wouldn't have taken anything away from either performance or reliability.

    Btw, some of the direct links are not working in Firefox. They are in ie though. Maybe another tom's bug? I had to either copy/paste the bb code or right click on the link to go with the "open link in another tab" option.
  12. Actually that is a TSW bug. I noticed that yesterday night where all links were opening blank window in chrome. Literally had to copy paste the information from the links. I didn't do anything special, just copy and paste the links.

    I still wish I could have found more coupons yesterday to bring down the price. But I was pretty satisfied with the price. I do want another 12 gb of ram. But that can wait whenever a coupon code comes out with some 20% off or something.

    I had a fear on the PSU. The video was taking 450W, cpu was taking 130W. The V8 heat sink I had was taking 180W. All that went up total of 760W (this monster feels heavier that my HP workstation). I also wanted to do some over clocking as this CPU/Ram allows that.

    I wish I could have gone into this weekend with all the parts in my hand. It is too frustrating to wait for the dam things. I am sure NewEgg is going to ship it on a Friday and it is going to end up here like Tuesday or Wednesday. Also my mistake was to order it Yesterday night rather than in the morning. Frustrating!!! Frustrating!!! Frustrating!!! Move order status, move.
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    shriniv78 said:
    Bought Win7 32 and 64bit dvd (2 separate keys) for $130 from an ebay auction.
    Hopefully you've bought at least professional. Here's why - Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7
  14. Yep.. already looked into it, bought ultimate. As the very soon, it is going to be 24 GB rather than 12, going into 64bit. I was planning on buying either VMware or Parallel desktop. But SUN made me happy by making VirtualBox (
  15. Best answer selected by shriniv78.
  16. Thanks Shrini, I appreciate that :)

    Btw, VirtualBox is not nearly fast enough for a production environment if that's what you're gonna be using it for. It is much slower than VMware. It does work well for limited purposes its not really meant for more intensive tasks. VirtualBox simply has no reasonable niche. A performance-conscious user can get many more features and optimal performance from VMware.

    VirtualBox lacks features like 64-bit or SMP guest operating systems, misses some hardware support entirely, and has no 3D acceleration support, yet also only provides a subset of functionality freely.

    If you wanna run a Linux host, with a Windows guest for basic desktop, use VirtualBox.

    However, if you run a collection of different guests on different hosts, with an assortment of guests on different architectures and OS's, and have an easy way to manage them all, and get good server performance out of them - VMWare no question.

    The thing is, right now there's no way to run multiple Windows guests in a processing-heavy production environment without using VMWare. And, if you're just a desktop user who needs a fast VM to run Windows without doing a bunch of fancy graphical stuff, then VirtualBox will do just fine. But seeing as you're into 3D stuff, VMware might make more sense IMO.

    The thing is, they're both good at different things, so just pick based on what it is that YOU want to do.
  17. I noticed yesterday VirtualBox was little bit unstable. For a quick run, I have switched to VMware Player (Free). But I think I will be ordering the Parallels Desktop for Win/Linux.

    I really wanted service based virtualization rather than Desktop Player that I have to run. But that is something I can't afford. Also comparing the price of VMware Workstation at $190 against Parallels Desktop $80, I might have to stick with parallels. Also I noticed few sites had that for sale for Black Friday.

    I did notice the memory was being detected in the system as 1066 rather than 2000 MHz. I tried OCing, but had to switch back because the system started throwing blue screens. Just for verification, I ran the CPU-Z and it is showing the DRAM Frequency wrongly. I think time to pickup the manual.

    On a second note, this is the first time I ended up with a power supply that was non standard. The unit was half inch bigger than my case. Any ways, I plugged it in from outside thinking there may be some workarounds. But when I switched the system on, it started blowing my fuses. I kind of remembered a 1000W microwave I bought 5 years ago did that. I got too greedy and forgot that. I had to come down to a 850W CPU (half the price). I was most annoyed but not disappointed (at least that is what I am saying to myself). Took about 45 minutes to build, 2 minutes to test post and 1 1/2 hour to tie down the cables nice and neat. The dam straps that came with the system were most useless. Luckily I had tie wraps that did the job perfectly.

    Now If I can get this memory problem squared away, I will be happy. I was going to up the ram another 12 GB. Interesting enough I have already been offered $2700 for the machine. If the memory thing is ok, then I might start over again.

    For everyone else, If you want the i7-950 processor, then go to Microcenter (hopefully you have one near you). They suddenly are selling it for $200. They are tracking your credit card as it is 1 per household. So take your mom or dad, husband or wife and the 3 kids and may be any neighborhood kids, hand then different credit cards or cash, if you want to buy in bulk.
  18. shriniv78 said:
    ... the i7-950 processor...Microcenter are selling it for $200. They are tracking your credit card as it is 1 per household. So take your mom or dad, husband or wife and the 3 kids and may be any neighborhood kids, hand then different credit cards or cash, if you want to buy in bulk.
    LAWL :lol:

    A microwave that doubles up as a fireworks display platform? Wow! Your luck with electronics needs to change. And soon :p

    But seriously, what are the CPU-Z readings? Can you post a screenshot? Also, stating the obvious - You did manually set the frequency and timings in the BIOS, right?

    The CP series is based on Antec's own CPX platform & is exclusively compatible with only 3 of their cases - the Twelve Hundred, the P183, and the P193.

    CP 1000 box picture from their Website -

    I apologize for my drawing skills (or lack thereof) but I hope the 850 you're getting ain't the CP-850.

    CPX Dimensions- 4.7"(H) x 6.9"(W) x 7.9"(D)

    Standard ATX PSU- 3.4"(H) x 5.9"(W) x 7.1"(D)
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