5770 Heating issue.

A while back, My cheap & crappy 650w psu died out. When it died, My CPU fan was starting to have issues spinning so I sent it out as well as the motherboard and bought an Antec Earthwatts 650w off newegg.

Now I seem to be having some heating issues with my 5770. Before it would idle around 43c and go up to 50-60c max when gaming. Now it seems to get as hot as 80/90 when I try to play games [FFXIV for example]..

Wondering if the PSU had anything to do with it. My case is pretty well ventilated and the cords are pretty neat. Think it could be a thermal paste issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. make sure your card is free from dust and re-apply the thermal paste should help...
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    The card is fairly "new". It was replaced by RMA back in July. It's been working great up until the whole PSU incident. But I'll take another look at it and see if there's any dust I may have overlooked.

    Going to apply some Arctic 5 on the GPU. Just a small dot of thermal paste in the center then re-attached the GPU heatsink, right?

    Also, How long should it take for the paste to expand and cool?
  3. Yes, just a small dot, no need to wait, after you put the thermal paste then just re-attached the heatsink...
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