No clue as to what Graphics card will fit my PSU..

I am currently using a XFX 9600 GT on a Asus m3n-h-hdmi Mobo.
With Zebronics 500W PSU (Platinum SRS)

I am willing to go for a change,
unsure if GTS 250 / GTX 260. Both are fine in my budget, but not sure, if it will run and power on.

Haven't used ATI so far, not sure if it will be a good choice.

Will upgrade to DDR3 based Setup in 6 months or so...
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  1. Yea your going to need something more powerful, that 500w PSU only has 22a on the rail.

    You need at least 24a for the GTS 250 and 36a for the GTX 260.

    Any chance you can get your hands on a GTS 450?
  2. Oh my god.. for me to change graphic card, i need to change the SMPS, how bad of me to make a purchase just because the coil fried :-(
  3. GTS 450 is a no go in India..

    Yeah 5770 is around 9K Rs in India..

    But am not too sure of ATI!!!! If i do buy, its my first time on ATI.
  4. ct1615 said:

    It was a typo ;)
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  6. Thanks guys.. Have let the personnel know to get me the parts.. :-P
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