Antec 300 power/reset switches

im new to building a pc i bought all my parts and i have an antec 300 i wanted to paint the inside black, my problem is im not sure how to take the power/reset switches off the case im worried that i might pull too hard and break something

also any sudgestions on what brand/type of spray paint to get? dont want to sand anything dont care if its glossy/flat i just want the inside black

thank you
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  1. Why don't you just tape that stuff off if you're worried about breaking it.
    I'm no expert but Tremclad or Krylon would be fine.
    Something with a rust inhibitor.
  2. true i can tape it but would make it much easier not having to worry about it

    do i need a primer? or can i just wipe it down and paint or is that a special kind
  3. If the case is bare medal you will need to primer it. Make sure you sand the case first with some 300 grit to rough it up for the paint to stick to.
  4. oo i got the power switch out safetly the reset just wont budge lol

    grr dont have a sander :( this is just inside of that matters :(
  5. you dont need a sander just some sand paper. If you don't rough the surface up it will not stick.
  6. oo got cha ok ty

    just ate because i was about to go HULK on the reset switch it wont come out lol hate it when im hungry

    my build

    phenom 955
    asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
    g.skill snipers 8gb 2x4gb 1333
    rosswill 1000w semi modula
    gpu(will get crossfire later will stick with igpu later CF 6870
    antec 300 illusion came with cpu cutout already will cut out holes for sata,24pin,8pin, near psu
    will get blueray drive later
    windows 7 professional
    aoc 22" 1920X1080

    i think its good enough i dont even game lol
  7. omg knew getting some protein and sugar in me would work got it off ty for the advice bout the paint guy
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