Should i upgrade from an phenom 9600 to an i3

Ok im going to be upgrading i have and phenom 9600 BE wich is running at stock cause its the one with the b2 stepping error im running 2 ati radeon hd 4870s crossfire 4 gigs of ddr2 800 in 2 dual channel kits crucial newegg lanfest edition so 4x1gig chips
a 1000W psu 2 250gig HDD nothin special my nice coolmaster HAF 940 and a blu ray burner

im limited on money so i will have to sell this comp if i want to build a new one i was looking at building an i3. first thing is going from this old quad core to the i3 dual core will i see a hit in multithreaded apps and multi tasking. im pretty sure i know the answer but i just wanna see what others think. the rest of my system will comprise of 4gb ram 2x2gb kit ddr3 1600 1TB hdd (dont have money for an SSD) and a single geforce gtx 460se. I know i'll be taking a hit in graphics horse power but im only running at 1680x1050 res and i think that my cpu is really not fast enough to take advantage of these cards anyways. and i can upgrade futher being on a new platform so do you think i will gain performance our atleast have comparable considering this opens up new upgrade paths. thank you
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    Performance wise, the Core i3 will probably make up for the lack of 2 real cores. but if you can a quad core is suggested. In almost every situation a quad will outperform a dual.

    If anything you can look into a Phenom II X4 or Athlon II X4. They are pretty cheap and perform pretty well. Not as well as the Core i5/i7 but still enough to game.
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  3. HD4870 x 2 is still stout - wait for 28nm.

    If your motherboard runs an original Phenom you should have a few great options (at 95w and less, fer sure) to drive those HD4870s
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