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I built a custom PC about a year ago. Recently I was playing Fallout NV and noticed alot of stuttering in game. Then I noticed stuttering when i would move the mouse back and forth with nothing else open. Mouse would freeze in a spot for like 1 or 2 seconds.

I thouhgt it might be software so i just did a complete fresh copy of Windows 7. But the problem still exists.

Is there a way to troubleshoot the hardware in the system? Or any suggestions on where to start?

PC Spec:
Intel quad core CPUQ9400
8gb or RAM not sure what kind
GeForce 285 GTX
GigaByte MB
Intel SSD with OS
Tosibha hard drive
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  1. Could be your monitor, probably not though. Your mouse could just be the problem, have you tried using a different one? Or try a different usb port.
  2. Welcome to the forums,newcomer!

    You might just have a software running on the background (i.e: a virus)

    Remove one of the HDD's, keeping the OS HDD and see fi the problem persists, chances are the HDD is about to die (if the toshiba is an IDE drive)

    BTW download CPU-Z and check out your system specs and then post back here

    we need further detail of your mobo and its BIOS settings.

    I will try removing the Tosibha HD today. I pretty sure it is not the mouse as it stutters when i play songs in itunes aswell as games.
  4. Alright, the IDE HDD must be the issue, (assuming the toshiba is an IDE drive)

    everything else checks out as A-OK
  5. You shouldn't use IDE anways, those bands are HUGE. They destroy airflow.
  6. neither HD is IDE. Both are SATA
  7. Than what was Lutfij talking about?
  8. NMD if its IDE or not, take the toshiba drive off and see if the stutter is there.

    (assuming the toshiba is an IDE drive)

    In a build almost as similar to yours,(apart from CPU) the machine would stutter during gameplay, bootup and the system would act up when listening to music/browsing the net.

    I pinned it down to a glitchy IDE drive which after removal, was goodbye to stutter.

    Mobo isn't that old w/ an ICH10R chip...but what of your PCI-E slots?

    You can rule the GPU and slots out by putting it in the second PCI-E slot and see what happens.
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