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I'm getting an error in my husband's computer that says " Insert bootable device and press enter to continue". What's the solution for this problem? What has to be done?
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  1. sounds like a problem with a hard drive (device that the Windows Operating system is stored on).

    We will need some more information to better help your situation. What type of computer is it (desktop or laptop) and what is the model number.

    Also, how well is your knowledge with computers? Are you comfortable with opening up the computer?

    Come from one, i know how stupid and stubborn us husbands are at taking things apart and fixing it ourselves.. try to resist him from doing that ;)
  2. Are there and disks in the DVD drive during bootup? Remove them.
  3. agree with anonymous1, also unplug all flash drives and external hard drives
  4. If it a very old computer, a floppy disk forgetten in the drive can cause that. Removing the disk will fix it. If it is an old computer, the HDD may have died and no disk with a boot sector is available. A new HDD will fix it. If it is a recent computer, maybe the boot order get messed if you tried to start the computer with an usb memory stick or SDcard in an usb reader. Happen often on Asus board. Removing the card or the usb stick, and setting the proper boot device in BIOS will fix that.

    For anything else, there is Mastercard ....
  5. Also, If you are comfortable with removing the side panel I would make sure the power plug - white with 4 wires going into it - is pushed all the way in. I have and old one that the molex, white power plug seems to slip out and I get the exact same error you got.
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