Gigabyte GTX 480 Freezing

I just got my Gigabyte GTX 480 yesterday (Brand new off of newegg), and when I start playing a GPU intensive game (Crysis, Mafia 2), I play for about 10-30 minutes, and then the whole system locks up (have to press the reset button on the case). I was monitoring the temps, the highest the card got was 68' C. I'm using the 260 beta drivers. Does anyone have any clue as to why it locks up like this? It is fine in other, less intensive games.

Phenom II x4 @3.0
4gb of DDR3 1066
Gigabyte 480
Antec DF-85
Coolmax 1000w PSU
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  1. Have you tried older drivers too ? (WHQL not beta)
  2. Maziar said:
    Have you tried older drivers too ? (WHQL not beta)

    Yeah, I've tried the 258.96 drivers, same thing happened. I updated again to the 260 beta, and it seems to have let off for now, I was able to play quite a while in Mafia II with no crashes. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, and the card needed a day or two to burn in so to speak?
  3. it happends to me too, during crysis and bioschock after some minutes monitor becomes black whit spread white square and all system is frezzed and i need to restart. i have an evga gtx480 and i opened an RMA for that
  4. No,because your temps are fine.Maybe it was a driver issue which has been solved with a new driver.
  5. I'm wondering if you are overclocking, or if you have set custom settings for the game in the Nvidia Control Panel. Sometimes games don't support certain settings and when we force them in the control panel, problems can occur. It could also just be that the hardware was not seated in the PCIe slot fully.
  6. I wasn't overclocking, nor had I messed around in the Nvidia control panel. @Mattxx88, My freezing was just the last frame showing (no black screen, no white squares). I'm not sure our issues are related?
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