WD Elements 1TB External no power? URGENT!

Hey there,

I have owned a WD Elements 1TB External Hard Drive (Model: WDBAAU0010HBK-AESN) since September 2009 and up until today it has worked perfectly.

However, when I plugged it into the wall the lack of buzzing and whirring from the device was worrying.

When connecting the plug to the wall the little powerbox lights up completely, even when plugged into the External Device (when switched off), but one I turn on the device, both the powerbox light and hard drive LED begin to flicker rather than be fully on.

While both lights are flickering there is absolutely no noise from the device that indicate it is working and it doesn't appear on the computer, and as soon as the device is switched off the powerbox light returns to a full light.

I lack any technical know-how and hope someone can help me before I head off to university and lose the 800GB of files I have on this Hard Drive... PLEASE???
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  1. *Powerbox is the Switching Adapter (Model: PA-225S)
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