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SSD constant crashes

February 17, 2013 6:01:02 AM

This will take a while to explain. First off I have 3 SSD's currently attached to my computer. 1x OCZ agility 3 60gb and 2x OCZ agility 4 256gb. I have had the 60gb for a long time, being used as my windows load hard drive. It has never crashed nor had any real problems other then filling far too fast. I bought the 2x256gb drives to replace my constantly failing HDD data drives. Installed no problem a few months ago but have repeatedly have had to do secure erases and loss all data on them because of constant lockup or crashes.

Main crashes appear as the problems locking up, either completely freezing my computer. or the hard drive to disappear from both windows and bios and multiple restarts required before it re-appears.

I had been running these drives on IDE (Never switched from when I used HDD) and only 2 are connected to SATA3, while one is on an SATA2 connection. Finally one drive decides to stop working once again. I decide to reformat all drives and start new with AHCI selected, in the hopes that it would help with problems I am having.

At first I have problems with any drives showing up in the windows install, I then get the 2 drives that were not causing crashes to appear and get windows reinstalled on the 60gb drive. Finally once I get windows to start, try to use the motherboard driver disk to start reinstalling basic programs it first states that the device driver I/O error and when the program does start up that it is not win32 compatable??

I am really lost at what is going on with my system.. I did not get a chance to try a few things to fix the CD to work but I am kind of clueless about what is causing all these problems with my hard drives to begin with.

System Specs
MSI z68a-g43 motherboard
Geforge 560gt
8gb Corsair XMS ram
1x ocz agility3 60gb
2x ocz agility4 256gb
windows 7 home 32bit

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