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Hello, I am currently upgrading 2 rigs (yay for gamer wife) on a tight budget. I spent a long time on deciding which gpu i would buy and chose the HD 5770. Now my new head-ache is that now, apparently the Gtx 460 786 MB is now 169.99 at Newegg. Which card is truly a better buy for no more then 1920x1080 resolution?

target games are ffxiv and lotro...

also does the presence of 2nd monitors (1280 x 1024s)effect performance that much?

More info... Budget is sub $170 really (169.99 is pushing it)its a hard budget, no for only 1,000 more you get smug sense of credit dread. Unless one can link to a definitive date of release for the hd6xxx series its pretty much hearsay to me as my current cards the 9600gso and 8600gts are begging for an upgrade right NOW.
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  1. A 460 really is better than a 5770, but you are right that it's pushin that budget (I feel ya buddy).

    The thing you want to keep in mind is future proofing. Spend a little extra now for a little extra time before you have to upgrade again. The ratio of money to time gained depends on how much money you're spending though, as the higher end you go, the less future proofing you get from a mid/high card (IE: Getting a 480 over a 460 is much more money for only a small amount of future proofing).
  2. The 460 would be the better performance choice, but whether it's within budget is entirely your call. Compared to your current cards, even a 5670 could be considered an upgrade. No offense intended... just offering some perspective.

    Have you considered the additional power requirements of such an upgrade? Do the PSUs in your systems have the headroom? This could be as much a determining factor as your budget. Perhaps you could share more detailed system specs of each system?

    As for the release AMD 6000-series cards, I've not seen a "definitive" date, but all signs point towards mid to late October. (I've seen Oct 18th in a few articles.)
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