CPU Temp: Rightmark vs Speedfan vs Nvidia System Monitor

Hey all

I'm using RightMark CPU clock utility, Speedfan and Nvidia System Monitor to watch my CPU and GPU temperatures in my Acer Aspire 6930G notebook. They are showing some pretty varied results!

Right now, the computer has been switched on for about 3.45 hours, with minimal usage beyond casual browsing and plain text editing. My CPU temp readouts are as follows:

Core 0: 50.0C
Core 1: 51.0C

Core 0: 50C
Core 1: 51C

Core 0: 65C
Core 1: 67C

How come the Nvidia software is consistently showing +15C?? Is it incorrect?

Both the Nvidia and Speedfan software show my GPU temp to be 57C and HD temp to be 47C.

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  1. P.S.

    The graphics card is a GeForce 9600M GT 512MB GDDR2, upgraded from the stock 9300M GS 256MB GDDR2, with Arctic Silver 5 applied.

    Neither CPU or GPU are overclocked, and I've actually undervolted the highest CPU multiplier (10.0x) as far as possible using RightMark which helped knock a consistent 10C off the temp at full load.
  2. Most likely none of them are even right best way to find out is to check the bios HWMonitior and compare them to the results you get in the OS the Bios is the one I would trust.
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