Palit 1Gb 250

Hello, I'm on my 2nd Palit 250 from the same supplier and it's doing the same thing as the previous one. I.e. freezing on games even the original FarCry! and newer games such as Crysis, Bioshock etc won't even start. Am I just really unlucky or is there some compatibility issue with my PC?

Asus M2V Mobo
4gb DDR2 Ram
OCZ Stealth 700w PSU
Windows Vista SP2

My original 7950GT and temp' replacement 7600(!) are both stable with the same drivers etc
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  1. Did you uninstall the previous drivers? If not uninstall them and then install new drivers from the nvidia website. The new 260 beta drivers will uninstall your old drivers for you.

    Also check to see if you have the additional power cord hooked up to the 250.
  2. Thanks for the advice but, I've tried the bang up-to-date but uncertified drivers that came with it, the otherwise stable 185.85s and the last WHQL 258.96 all to no avail. (All stable with the 7600!)
    Also this version of the card has only ONE power socket.
    The card WILL be sent back for a full refund and I will buy a relatively cheap 9200 or such from my local PCWorld as a stopgap until I shell out for a new PC entirely! I've never had a driver problem before in 4 years with Vista etc regardless of uninstalls etc. Each time I throw the 7600 back in and there's no problem.
    (Please correct if wrong but Vista creates separate folders for each driver iteration?)
  3. In my opinion Palit is not a quality brand. I lost all respect when they shipped cherry picked GTX460s to the review sites and then the ones that showed up in stores were different. Go for a quality brand like EVGA, MSI, Asus or Gigabyte.
  4. Plat or what ever they are called mean to me very hot vrm and under cooled card. I won't bother with junk any more.
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