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I recently set up my own system with a Gigabyte 8800GA-UD3H with built-in integrated graphics. By habit, I accidentally purchased an additional low-end graphics card thinking there weren't any integrated graphics. Since the restocking fees make it pointless to return the card, I thought I would just run a low-end crossfire system on my computer. However, when I open catalyst control, it doesn't pick up my motherboard's GPU. I tried going into the bios and didn't find any feature to turn this feature active. From my understanding, catalyst control should automatically recognize the setup.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Oh... I see. Even though both the integrated and discrete graphics cards support crossfire, they don't work together. It's unfortunate, but it makes sense as I had done everything such as reinstalling drivers, going into the bios, etc...

    Should I take out the HD4350 and go with the integrated card? or keep both for now?
  2. IMO, definitely use the 4350 over integrated. Integrated, until SandyBridge comes out, is not good for much. The 4350 should offer a much better experience.
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