Should I build or RMA

So All my parts are in transit to my house for today except go figure the motherboard. Which will be here tomorrow.

It's an SB setup 2500k asus p8p67 motherboard ect ect. My friend sent me the link to the recall and then told me to look at newegg while laughing at me for jumping so quickly to get an SB chipset.

My question is, should i just rma it now, or build anyways and wait for april to get a replacement board?
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  1. What would you RMA it for? Another board with a bad SATA II controller? Wait until the replacement boards come in in April and then send it back in, but until then you can have a fully functional system.
  2. i was just going to rma it for my money back and wait.

    But after some reading some and now your reply I'll just build and send back. thanks
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