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This is about as stupid of a question as I can possibly think to ask, but does a liquid cooled system still need any fans?
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  1. usually yes, depending of the type and size of the radiator. I believe the zalman reserator (a type of tower-cylinder-radiator) can work without fans.
  2. Thank you. I thought they did. I just wanted to make sure.
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    Th thing watercooling does is take the heat from the heat generating components and spreads across a radiator(heatsink) just like heatpipes connect your heat generating components to your heatsink.

    But then your heat is spread across your radiator and still needs to go somewhere and ussually these radiators are cooled by fans just like heatsinks are cooled by fans.

    But there is always some airflow(Due to something called brownian motion) which means if you have an extremely good cooling system you can do without fans.
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