GTX 460 SLI. x2 768 MB or x1 468 MB and x1 1024 MB VRAM?

I can see how you benefit from more VRAM, especially in more demanding games (metro, crysis) but will having the same card with 2 different amounts of memory affect SLI?

Will I benefit as much as x2 1024 cards as I would x1 768 and x1 1024?

The reason I am asking is because I have a 768 and am wondering if I would benefit from a 1024 over a 768, and if it would cause issues.

And if it doesn't cause issues, would it perform just aswell as 2 1024's?

I don't know you take advantage of twice the VRAM in SLI.
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  1. The 768MB 460 cannot be SLi'd with the 1GB version due to the size of the memory bus (192 Vs 256).
  2. Also with SLI, can I turn one card off when idling or will they both be spinning at 40% when I'm just surfing?
  3. They will both be running at all times, they drop down to idle together and when an app or game that can use SLi is fired up they will spin up together but if a game or app can only use a single card then only the primary card will spin up leaving the secondary chugging along at idle.
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