Upon startup monitor remains black..

Hello, I'm desperately looking for a solution to a problem I'm having with my PC.

It's a problem that happened today with a PC system I bought six months ago. I was not working on the computer when it happened, and the person who was, wasn't in the room at the exact time it occurred, so we do not really know if there was a message or a crash or a freeze...

Anyway, the symptoms are that when I want to turn the PC on, the tower seems okay, the usual lights light up, the fans are working. No beep, although I'm not sure if there was one before (never paid attention). And the monitor shows nothing - it stays completely black as though receiving no signal. If I unplug it and plug it back it appears to be try to find whether the signal it's receiving is from the analog or digital ports, and alternates a few times between the two, then it goes back to black.

I tried plugging in another monitor, which I'm sure is functional, and the same happens, so it can't be a monitor issue.

I'm really not sure what to do - as it's relatively new, opening up the tower could compromise any warranty I have (although I'm not sure the warranty, if it exists, covers such things), and I can't take it back to the store until monday (it's not open until then), and I desperately need some files that are on it. Therefore, any checks or solutions or ideas you might have will be welcome.

Please keep in mind that I'm not tech-savvy at all, so I will probably need more explanations than the average member..

Anyway, here is some info regarding the hardware/software I have that might be useful:
Windows 7
Video Card: NVidia GT 220
Motherboard: Gigabyte P55-UD3l (Ultra Durable 3)
Intel i5 something-or-other
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2333

This is not the complete info, I presume.. I have lost the speicification sheet I got when I bought the PC. Looking for it. If you need further info I'll try to remember / look harder for that sheet.

Thank you so much !
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  1. Not a real solution, but it could be able to let the computer boot so you can get your files out.

    Since it is an i5, try plugging the VGA cord on the one on the Mobo if you have one.

    This doesn't seem like an OEM computer though, where did you buy it from? Check if theres any stickers on the case, if not you should be able to open it up without any problems.
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply

    Unfortunately, I don't have a VGA port on the motherboard itself..
    I bought the PC from a local shop (that's pretty popular, by the way) that sells PCs and components. This one was a cross between things a tech-savvy friend advised me to get and the improvements advised by a guy working at the shop.

    There's a "warranty void if seal is broken" kind of sticker on the tower..
  3. Just wanted to update - in case someone finds this page while trying to solve a similar problem.

    I took the pc to the store on monday and they took a look at it, and it seems that the power supply box was faulty so they replaced that on the spot and it's now back up !

    Thank you all
  4. Thats nice.
    Sorry I couldn't help though :(. Though if the PSU did fail there wasn't much to do besides a switch.

    What PSU was it if you saw? if it was a generic no-brand one Id suggest buy something better, it could very likely fail again, and damage some components along with it.
  5. Well originally, I had a Chieftec 550W PSU 12cm fan, 24 pin, Active PFC (that's what the receipt says, I don't know what all that means !). It's supposed to be good, I gathered, and I hope that when they replaced it they put the same one in, although I cannot say that for sure...
  6. It's not really good, I recommend something greater.

    Preferably this PSU or maybe this psu.

    The second ones overkill by a long shot, however for future upgrades etc it will come in handy and it is also modular which will help with cable management
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