PC P&C/OCZ Silencer Power Supply Fan Change-out

I just got a PC Power and Cooling Silencer PSU rated at 470w for my Dell GX280. The power supply works just fine, but doesn't quite live up to it's "silencer" name. Indeed, it has a clicking fan. Specifically a NIDEC fan. The PSU is brand new, right out of the box without a spec of dust on it.

I'm fairly certain that this is out of warranty, having been produced in the 2006 time-frame. I'm working to get in contact with PC P&C and hopefully they're willing to work with me on this.

In any case, I'm considering a fan change out in case things don't work out with PC P&C's RMA department. I'm well aware of the damage of coming in contact with the capacitors, but am confident I can avoid contact with them. Given that, has anyone done a fan change-out on one of PC Power and Cooling's power supplies?

I'm curious if they have the standard two-prong connector or if the fan power cable is soldered to the main PSU board. Any thoughts?
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  1. A couple of other amplifications:

    1) Yes, I'm sure it's the fan and not a short in the board. That is indeed a common cause of PSU clicking, but not in this case: When I physically spin the fan with my finger, I can hear that there is something in there clicking around. Moreover, obstructing the fan with a pencil prevents the noise from every occurring.

    2) Oiling the fan bearing with a drop of mineral oil did exactly nothing.
  2. The moderator can close this out. I went ahead and cracked the case and found a speck of rubber cement on one of the fan blades -- from there, it was a quick fix.

    Just for documentation purposes, though -- it would have been trivial to replace the fan on this thing. The leads on the silencer 470 fan are not soldered to the main board -- they use a standard plastic riser for the connection.
  3. yeah replacing fans in a psu is pretty easy and is definitely worth it on any half-decent power supply. your is very good and definitely worth it!
    and yes, pc p&c's silencer series werent very quiet. definitely a misnomer!
  4. Reading your original post got me thinking that it was just a wire or some silly thing, good that it was really a minor thing after all...:)
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