How to upgrade graphics for p5p800-mx motherboard

the p5p800-mx has no agp slot. can i use the pci slots to install graphic cards? what kind of graphic cards can i put?
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  1. Any PCI graphics card should work ok..

    Newegg's got some

    You prolly wont be able to do any high end gaming with PCI graphics cards.. maybe some old games probably. Good Luck!
  2. so thats mean the best i can do is to change my mboard that has AGP slot. thanks very much for the info.
  3. better yet - change your motherboard to one that has a PCI-Express 16x slot.
  4. i have another problem with this board. it keeps on re-starting when i'm using 2x1gb ddr400 ram at same time. but when i reduced it to only 1 ram or 2x512mb ddr266, then unit is ok, although its pretty slow. and by the way, i already changed my power supply from 500w to 600w, even put a ram cooler, and used big HSF to my cpu, but still same results. please help
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