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I recently have had to have my desktop converted into wifi opposed to a hardwired connection and I'm looking for a good Wireless card for my mobo. I do alot of gaming online and streaming of movies. I'm looking for a card that will have a steady signal and not be prone to dropping connection randomly.

Basically any good wifi cards for gaming?

I have a asus rampage iii mobo
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  1. What is your router/access point b, g or n? You want USB, PCI or PCIe?
  2. MIMO 'N' PCI, what ever you do, don't go down the USB route.
  3. I have PCI and PCIe slots open. I don't want to use USB

    I'm using this router E3000 Linksys High-Performance Wireless-N 300Mbps Router so N
  4. Maybe Asus with a Asus board
    I still have a 6-7yaer old Asus PCI g adapter running and no problems.
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    Get a matching Netgear product to achieve optimal compatibility and performance and according to Netgear, the best for that router would be Wireless N Dual-Band WMP600N.

    Drivers if you go down this route ..

    XP :

    Vista :

    W7 :

    If you get ping spikes, which can happen depending on your ISP and network environment ..

    In Device Manager, open Properties on the adapter, and enabled the following in the Advanced tab : Frame Aggregation + Gaming/Multimedia Environment

    In the routers config pages, usually under Advanced Wireless Settings or something like that : Set Beacon Interval to 75 + Set Fragmentation Threshold to 2304 + Set RTS Threshold to 2304
  6. From personal experience, this is easily the best that I've ever owned:
    It isn't Wireless-N, but even now it's still the fastest thing I've ever used. It has great range/signal reception, and will do basically anything you ask it to. I'm sure someone could find you something faster, but it's definately a great deal for $20.

    If you need a lot of sheer speed and have a wireless-n router, then I'd go for what rolli suggested. I don't think it has quite as much range, but would be faster if your router + ISP are capable of pulling those speeds.

    You'll have to excuse my stupidity, I just read the part about what router you have... my bad... :D Feel free to ignore anything I've said up to this point.
    I'd probably go with that Asus.
    That's an option too, if you want to pay a little more... I have absolutely no clue how it would perform, though...
  7. I have a Netgear rangemax g router the computers in the home are running wireless adapters from D-link, Asus, MSI and Zyxel not counting the 4-5 laptops/netbooks, PS3 an Xbox 360 that connect to it in between. All I know there is no other Netgear device and absolutly no issues.
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