Disk read error, press alt+crtl+delete to restart (window 7)

Hi, I have a SSD as my boot drive and I recently had this error. I did restart and it's working fine currently. I also did a window disk check and didn't find any error. Could I write this off as a fluke or is this some early sign of failure?

I do have other hard disk I use for data and program and am wondering if those could be the source of the problem.
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  1. You could always ghost your partition to the other HDD then use that for awhile and see if it has the same problem. My other suggestions would be:

    1. to run a "SFC /Scannow" command on windows to make sure all system files are okay
    2. Check and see if your SDD has a firmware update out on the manufacturer website
    3. Check and see if people out there on the internet are having the same problem with your same SDD model
  2. hmm it happened again and it also resolved itself when I press alt-ctr-delete

    this time it was right after I apply a window 7 update. Could this be the reason? I don't remember if there was an update the first time I got it.
  3. Check the system log to see if you can determine which drive is having the read error. Since you have multiple drives and we don't know how or when they were all installed it could be that some boot files are ont he other drives (which is why you should install windows to an ssd with only the ssd connected)
  4. you mean the event log?

    The error came up again after another window 7 update. This time it only load onto window after I disconnect my Logitech 30 pro joystick. (what?)

    Actually I start getting the error after I plug the joystick. It could just be coincidence, but now I'm running fine
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