GTX 460 Cyclone fan speed.

I'm annoyed I can't lower the fan to below 40% when idle, it seems their is a lock on it with my current driver/bios/OC utility?

How can I bypass this? I don't want 1320 RPM during idle and am fine with it idling at something like 43-50~ C
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  1. Yes I discovered this myself. The bios has to have some minimum as a safety.
    Can you hear the cyclone at 40% , lol, I surely can't.
    Its a wide open design , thats why imo its very quiet. No turbulence especially at lower speeds.
  2. Yes I can, in my silverstone ft02.

    I can even hear the Nocuta's which spin at 800 RPM and the case fans at 800 RPM, although that might be what I'm hearing over the 1350 RPM Cyclone.
  3. The problem with mine is that the fan want to cool the GPU at 57c and will ramp to 75% to achieve that.

    So I keep the fanspeed to 40% and it stay (I hope) below 85c
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