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I have a seagate internal 1tb sata1 Hdd yes I have had it for years and it was working. I installed windows sever 2008 r2 on it and worked fine except for little crashes due to Firefox plug ins. But for the past week it has been acting very, slow to open programs and keep them responding. I do not download anything to the server drive but had files on it before. Now it is doing something funky. I went back to the other drive that has windows 7 on it. When I first start it up, it sees the drive, even sees the drive until I try and do something to it. But after I try and access it it stops responding, could this be a total drive failure or something else?
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    Bost likely, yes it is dieing.
    However, before declaring it dead and buried in the great trash heap, go to seagate and down load their HDD utility and verify.

    Alternative would be to download UBCD, which has HDD utilities. Boot to it and check drive.

    Added, Link:
    Note it has Seatools.
  2. Thank you for the help, it is dead still under a 5 year warranty through sea gate. Turned off my computer and unplugged it from the wall, messing with the configuration of the hard drives on the motherboard, and I have a hot swap bay at the top of my case. I put it in there plugged it back into the wall and turned it on, instantly fried the drive
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  4. You should replace it as soon as possible:
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