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I would like to know this but is you have an onboard video chip that uses AGP 8X does that mean it will be better than any standard PCI type cards? I know PCI bus is only 133mbps and AGP 8X is 2133mbps so basicly my onboard video is way faster than using a normal PCI card. I thought even if I got a nice high end PCI card it will be limited since it's only 133mbps so basicly the onboard that uses the northbridge and uses AGP 8X is overall better even the GPU isn't as good as higher end PCI cards right?
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  1. Basicly my IGP uses AGP 8X bus so it is like adding a AGP 8X card onto the system so I assumed it will be the best unless I have a new AGP card to replace it with then that would be better. But since I only have PCI slots to add a card I thought maybe that my onboard is better overall on bus speed.
  2. You can get PCI cards today that better most all integrated cards to date. There is no integrated chip that uses all the bandwidth that is available for it they use a fraction of it.
  3. So that means IGP doesn't use all of the speed that AGP 8X has to offer? But still if it's half of the AGP 8X speed that still faster than 133mbps since there is still around 1000mbps left if it's half of the speed right?
  4. Half! AGP4x was faster than PCI
  5. Well I was saying that AGP 8X is 2133mbps so it it was half it would be around 1000mbps. That is still alot faster than 133mbps. So does that mean that onboard AGP is overall still better than standard PCI cards?
  6. No because it only uses a fraction of the available band with. This card is faster than any integrated card It is a std PCI card.
  7. So any IGP is like same speed as a standard PCI or is it little faster than PCI? Btw are you sure about this that IGP is that slow even uses a fast bus? I kinda wonder if the IGP is a little faster than PCI though. I mean if it's uses the AGP 8X bus it's got to be at least little faster than standard PCI but maybe not.
  8. The bus it uses doesnt matter too much, the performance of the GPU itself is entirely independent of the type of bus it uses, it wouldnt be hard to find a PCI card that beats an AGP based IGP, IGPs arent very strong even today, and an older one that uses an AGP bus would be pretty weak.
  9. Well if I say compaired a video card like GeForce 9500 GT standard PCI card with the same card but is PCI-E how much better is the PCI-E will be? Is it just a little better? I would assume they will perform the same since both have the same AGP as you said GPU is important. But if this is not true eather I' am kinda confused on how this works since at first I though bus was most important but then you said GPU is most important.
  10. Actually PCI comes in two flavors with out having a different pin count. 33mhz mode that offers 133mbs and the 66mhz spec that offers the same performance as AGP 1x that being 266mbs. That is for 32bit pci and 64bit it is better but that is only on server boards. 64bit pci cards have backward compatibility in 32bit mode but I am not sure if there is forward compatibility. AGP 8x destroys pci performance wise.
  11. GPU is the most important. The 9500GT is going to be very similar in both flavors but if you go more powerful lets say a HD5770 will be severely bottlenecked by the PCI bus. That is because the GPU is more powerful and can use more bandwidth than the PCI bus can provide.
  12. So lets say there was a IGP that was PCI-E 16X the GeForce 9500 GT standard PCI card will be better? If so then why does IGP uses a fast bus speed but it isn't fast?
  13. It is not fast because it does not have the same amount of processing power that is in the GPU on the 9500card. Take a look at this list,2697-7.html The HD4290 which is considered one of if not the best integrated card today is 4 tiers below the 9500GT DDR2 cards.
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