System wont boot, restartes itself.

Hello, Yesterday morning went to turn on the PC, it is a HP m8530f, CPU is AMD Phenom X4 9550. I upgraded the PSU and Gpu last year. Anyways went o turn it on yesterday and windows 7 booted about half way then blue screened. When I tried to reboot it it says no boot drives detected, on the next boot I went into bios and it is not showing that I have any Sata drives connected. I have both my DVD-RW and HD connected SATA. If I left the computer sit for a couple of minutes and cooldown, when I restart it, it detected both drives and again tried to boot, but again blue screened about half way.

I am not sure if maybe it is a heat issue, my wife says that the fans on the computer seamed to be running at high speed the last week.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can try to do? When the HD did recognize I ran the fix windows boot option, but it said it did not find anything wrong. Is this possibly a Raid controller going bad? or MB going bad, sense it will see both drives one boot but not another?

Also HD is a Seagate Barracuda 7200, 750g.
I am also getting no beeps during boot
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  1. It is very possible that your SATA controller is going out. First thing to do though is check all connections Clean all heat sinks and fans and then try again.
  2. I have cleaned everything. I have also hooked the drive up as a slave on my other PC. I can not use it as the boot drive, it blue screens while trying to boot into windows 7, but I can have it as a slave and access it to pull all the files off of it. COuld it be a bad harddrive, even though I can access it?
  3. More likely that you have a corrupt OS install on it. Try repair install.
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