HP Pavillion 9600 wont start up

Ive got power just wont boot up. On the controls at the top it has the Quick Play DVD lights in blue lit along with the Blue Control lights across the top are all lit up. But, I hear no fan at all. I have put in a music CD and I see the green light flashing warning that it is opening.

I also hear that the CD seems to be about to start up and then sort of sounds like it gets stuck. Sort of a click click STOP sound if that makes any sense or helps at all.

Ive tried the power up, the battery only, battery out, holding the power switch down for 40 seconds so far. Ive not tried to disconnect any cables since Im not sure where those would be located on the computer.

What I have with the 9600 are THREE SCREW DOWN COMPARTMENTS and One Battery Hatch. Behind two seem to be the two hard drives. Behind one is are one piggy back small board looks like attached to the mother board and a set of boards one connected to the one below and the one below attached to the mother board. There is also the NICAD battery disc back up battery. So, thats all I see accessable easily.

There are of course other screws that might allow me to remove the entire back from the computer.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Johnson
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  1. Do any lights flash on the keyboard when you turn it on like the num and caps lock keys? If they do record if they are short or long flashes and any gaps. Then look at the HP website for a manual with those error codes.

    I cant find any specific guides on opening that laptop What does the model number say underneath the laptop?
  2. Ther are various 96xx models, but try ..

    Unplug ac adapter power plug.
    Remove the battery
    Press and hold the power button for ten seconds.
    Plug in the ac adapter plug and press the power button.

    If it starts up and boots into windows all is good. then you know that you have a battery issue.

    This has the same effect as clearing CMOS does for a desktop PC.
  3. I don't know who your are or if you even exist anymore in life but thanks for that advice it worked on my HP dv9000 you're awesome!
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