Hello i need help building a great gaming desktop for under 700 dollars

capable of playing WoW without flaw my highest budget is 700 dollars plse help,i want a desktop that will run smoothly i want to beable to get alot of frames per second while playing,no lagg if possible ty.Keep in mind will only be used to look up general stuff on internet and play games.
Also it needs to come already put together...ive no clue about computers so i wouldnt beable to do it myself.
also need a good monitor,as far as keyboard and mouse go il use anything,
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  1. im in the uk, and may not suggest the best, but other people can decide that, and i know newegg etc so yeah, i think this is nice :):
    or a nicer looking but $20 over budget:
  2. I'm also in the uk and either of those builds is going to do you nicely for WoW,
    if you were inclined to build one yourself, you could get more bang for buck as it were, but that is of course your choice :)
  3. Urgh, build one yourself.
    The GT 220 is a TERRIBLE card.

    If you can't, go for the 2nd option the GTS 450 is much better.
  4. Lol your done dood. Wait until you have 1000$ budget. Because even a decent monitor is 100$, that is already cutting your budget to only 600$. You don't even know how to put together, and you want a already created computer. Brands are just going to rip you off. Learn to build a computer yourself... -_- it's not hard.

    BTW the reason I say it's hard to build a comp like that. Clatacysm or whatever the hell that new WoW update is called is actually more demanding of GPUs now. So not all low-mid end video cards can run it smoothly.
  5. I reccomend checking out this website:


    This guy has done an awesome job of putting together different templates for great PC builds across a wide variety of price points. he also has builds for other sorts of PCs, like media centers, productivity, etc. Everything is just his opinion, but he does a really really great job of keeping very up to date with all the latest deals and benchmarks, constantly updates his builds, and gives pretty detailed explanations of why he made the choices he did. He also even gives alternative options for parts so you can edit his builds if you want. He also has other great articles on difficult choices like cases (he has a huge article on the best cases at each price point, but also lists dozens of other good cases at that price so you can pick a look you like that still has good function).

    As you can see, the list includes $500, 600, and 700 options you should check out. These builds don't come with any copy of Windows, a monitor, or other software/hardware built into the budget, so you'll have to keep that in mind (ie, if you can't use your current monitor or copy of windows, you'll need to gravitate towards the $500 option, but if you can reuse your Windows copy and have a decent monitor, you can go up a level).

    I have used this site a lot to help select the best parts to use for the rig I'm building, and I suggest you check it out.
  6. ^ Lol he does know his budget builds this hardware-rev guy. But... one thing he doesn't realize or maybe already knows. With the 6850 our now, if you go with a 460 it's more of a bad decision since the chipset is AMD. AMD is known to have epic fails with SLI and just Nvidia cards in general. That 980n chipset fails hardcore compared to any AMD chipset, IE the 790FX or 890GX. But otherwise it's good. Strange though that he would use Wintec or G-Skill before he uses Mushkin considering Mushkin Blackline DDR3 1600 CL 7 is only 80$. Cheaper than the G-Skill.
  7. I'm probably gonna get stomped for this....


    You can grab that for 378 bucks.

    If you have a microcenter nearby, I like this for a power supply.


    A lot of guys will not agree, but it's dual 12v+ rails, 18 amps on each rail. Also, BFG is known for good components such as video cards, etc. I've used a couple of their power supplies for others, and no complaints so far.

    Maybe one of these for video.


    Or check out an ATI 5770 if it's cheaper.

    And for a monitor....


    Should put you right at 700 if you can swap out the power supply and put in a video card. Do research though, you can definitely find good deals on all parts shown. Normally I do not recommend eMachines, and the one above only has a dual core, but that said, it does have 4 gb of ram, and if you put in a decent card and power supply, I think it would give you reasonable gaming performance for a couple of years, but don't expect it to be ultra high end.

    On a side note though, I helped a guy who was like you, wanted to play WoW, put in that power supply, and a 9600 gso he already had, the system had similar specs to the one I showed you, we got things together, and put a game in, it's called turning point, fall of liberty, I think the engine uses unreal tournament. But popped that in to test it, and even with the older 9600 gso, it was pushing full settings on that game at 1680x1050. From what I know, WoW is not that demanding. So I think that setup would do if you are just playing WoW.
  8. Bear in mind ohiou,

    WoW has a new expansion due in december and We're none too sure what (if any) changes are going to be implemented, I upgraded from a dualcore a while back because it just wasn't cutting it anymore, and that was before Wrath came out lol :P
    I'd poke the Op until he/she is brave enough to build it themselves them get them onto a triplecore with a 5770,
    cheap enough to throw together and good enough to play wow well :)
  9. I'm not a WoW gamer, lol. Just going on what I've read. If the op does do the build, if there is a microcenter nearby, I would definitely go there. They've got a deal going, you buy an AMD chip, and you can get a free board. The boards are usually biostar, msi, etc. So usually should be a good deal.
  10. You merkins get all the best deals hehe, but yes, something like that does help budget builders a lot.
  11. ok thank you...and ya i suppose i should learn how to build a computer before i invest in one :/.Just so complicated and confusing haha
  12. the idea you can't get a whole computer for $700 is silly. Here's a whole system for $697.90.

    Note this includes a monitor, keyboard, speakers, and a full graphics card.

    The monitor is a 1600x900 screen, which a GTS 450 handles just fine.
  13. Good build above, but really, I would say consider spending another 20 and get a quad. That way you are a little more future proof, and just drop a better vid card in later, and keep chugging along for longer. Still recommend, if you have a microcenter within an hour or two, check them out. Hard to beat spending 100 on a chip and get a free motherboard.
  14. Thats a nice little build :) as Ohiou said, a quad would give you a little more longevity, but you may find your 445 will unlock the fourth core, not guarenteed but its a possibility of a 'free' quad.
    I salute your willingness to learn about building yourself though, good move and good luck man, We're all here to help if you do go that route :)
  15. Well Screwy, your build is a DIY build. We didn't say he couldn't do a DIY for under 700$, we just said OEMs wouldn't offer a build for 700$. Anyway I actually wouldn't go with the Rana imo because for almost the same price you could get the 740 Phenom and although it doesn't come with a heatsink you'll have a higher probability to unlock as opposed to a Rana. Plus there are alot of cheap hsf out now. Like the Hyper 212+ which is 27$ on amazon.
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