Hey guys, I just bought an ssd around 10 days ago, it was working well, fast and all. Just around noon today, it is very slow, I did a Crystaldiskmark and shows pretty healthy results, maybe 5-10% off the advertise seq run/write but it too slow. For example, if I open yahoo, it took maybe 6-7seconds or even opening google chrome. Installing and uninstalling is way longer too. Do you know what is wrong? Is it a defect ssd because it work just fine yesterday.
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  1. What kind is it, what size is it, and did you buy it new or used.
  2. Its adata sx900, brand new, 256gb i think. 550 read and 530 write
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    Since you bought it have you ever filled it all the way or most of the way up? Also when you installed windows was Sata set to AHCI mode in bios?

    If not see this thread:,2911-2.html Its actually a good read regardless.

    And if it wasn't in AHCI to start with this registry hack can help: :sol:
  4. It works fine now, must have been bad installation when I rewire my computer, thanks anyway!
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  6. Oh well I tried to help but, I'm glad it works now. :sol:
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