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I just recently bought a gtx 470, to replace my current 8800 ultra card, i was wondering if any of you knew or had much experience with using a 2nd card for physics and if the extra heat generated and power consumption would be worth running the 8800 as a physics card.

Both have water blocks so the extra heat from the 8800 would get tossed into the loop, which consists of a 3 fan 140mm and a 2 fan 120mm rad. so heat should still be ok.

As far as the games i play, i play a good variety, SC, GTA, WOW, Metro, Crysis, Ect.
And if anyone knows what kind of fps boost would i even expect in games that used physics engine
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  1. It's not really worth the extra power consumption, IMO. Add in the fact that you're adding extra heat into your loop should be the deal breaker.

    I threw my 8800GTX on with my GTX295, and saw a frame or two. Negligible.
  2. @ mal: my psu can supply the power, its not a concern. The only question i have is whether the card would give a decent performance boost or if it would be better to just leave it off.
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