Should I buy a second 4870?

I was thinking, now that stuff is a hella cheaper, would it be a good idea to get a second 4870? Or should I wait till the 6k series comes out, and get a newer 6750 or something like that. Although the 4870 is amazing, they heat up like crazy (mine was around 50 in idle on a test bench).

Also, does anyone know when low range 6k series will come out? I heard something about october, but i don't know. One last thing, what's a reasonable price to put a 4870 on ebay for (assuming I should wait :P).

Specs: Phenom II x4 955, Asrock Extreme 3 870 mobo, corsair XMS3? DDR3 1600 ram, corsair TX650w psu
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  1. If the second card is cheaper than a 5770 then go for it you won't be disappointed if you cpu is up to the task. Pay little attention for the 6k series till benches are leaked that are credible or till day of release.
  2. Yeah, I might just chill a bit longer until some more info is released. Where can I finded the current leaked information on the cards?

  3. It is not to hard just keep an eye on the forums like this and going regular google searches on leaked models. Past 24 hours, past 2 weeks under search options. This keeps the latest posts and links right up at the top.
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