My first pc build

Hi guys, i just joined, because iv been looking on here for a while and have decided im going to make a gaming pc :)
ok, what i wanted to do was find out whether all these components work together properly, and would have sufficient overclocking capabilities :)

I would also like to know what you think about the components, good quality for the price or not? i cant afford more than £400 for everything :) thanks for reading and hopefully i get somewhere.

1x AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.1 GHz cpu : 58.12
2x Kingston 2GB DDR3 1600MHz HyperX Memory ram : 52
1x sus ATI Radeon HD 5770 "CuCore" 1024MB GDDR5 graphics : 110
1x Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 880G Socket mobo : 77
1x Antec three hundred case : 50
2x Coolermaster 120x120x25mm SickleFlow Green LED Case Fans : 14
1x Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro cpu cooler : 16
1x 550W ATX Silent Neon PSU power supply : 25
1x Arctic Silver 5 Thermal paste thermal cpu paste : 5.50
1x @ amazon Grounding wristband : 5
hd : got
wireless thingy : got

everything at part from the stuff that says @ then company name

Total Price : £400

sorry :D
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  1. lol, oops :D there it is :)

    oh and the main reason for this is because my dell mobo is rubbish, cant support anything even half decent, and this rig will (hopefully) be able to withstand some current games, but at least i have the option for upgrading cpu and graphics, and mobo if i wanna crossfire :)
  2. you didnt read the x2 thing on this
    2x Kingston 2GB (2x1GB) DDR3 1600MHz HyperX Blu Memory Kit CL9 ram : £58
    its 4gb :) to fill all 4 slots ok, the ram is a bit pricy :S unless its just opn another site, i only found this
    and the reason for the power supply is that i am going to probarbly end up buying a six core amd thing and overclocking etc, maybe get another mobo if i feel the need for crossfire, and i want to keep it for a looong time
    err, the mobo is pretty good, pricy though :) maybe if i get a cheeper psu i could afford it, got a suggestion for 500-550w psu for about 25? is this ok?
    plenty of good reviews
    do you think i should go for the athlon ii x3 3.1ghz or get something better? i thought ghz meant everything, sorry for my noobyness :)
  3. hmm, wouldnt lemme edit my message... heres what i was gonna type :)
    ok, iv seen your mobo, but found this
    it has 2 pci x16 crossfire compat, seems future proof :D and i think i can afford it with the cheeper psu, anything else? ill edit the first post
  4. so would that be a decent pc?
    with the mobo posted above and the psu above, with the stuff at the top, is that decent?
    also, i was wondering of 2 things, 1 would be to try and find £50 extra and get some sort of better processor, but would that bake a tremendous difference? this will be primarily gaming/3d desighn, so i dont know. also, is ram worse if i fill up all the ram slots, or just as good as using 2...
    lastly, do you know an atx case for £50 or under with a usb 3 port, if not, is their a way to install one?
  5. yeah, thats one of the features of the board :D ima go with the antec three hundred, amazing reviews, and no, i wouldnt game and render at the same time, however.... that would be better than watching rubbish telly for 1 hour... what would i need either way...? (so in the background or doing both seperatly) like would i need better cpu or more ram, rams expensive :P
  6. so wait whens black friday lol, and when do they release new stuff? gonna suck waiting 6 months though :D
  7. xD lol, anyway, im guessing i should google when they release new stuff, do you think the prices will drop by much when that happens, more or less than after-christmas sales
  8. how about the amd athlon x4 630 socket am3 2.8 ghz 2mb cashe
    or should i save for a while and get a phenom for 100?
  9. anyone got an idea on what else could change? or is that a decent rig?
    p.s i hate the fact you cant edit posts
  10. thats where im confised, phenoms have a lower ghz for the price, is their something i dont know about cpus?
  11. ok, is their a big performance jump from athlon to phenom?
  12. hmm,is the processor used alot in gaming? or mainly graphics card??
  13. hey, mal mental, i read what you wrote in this thread:
    and was wondering weather i should do that, my pcs pretty crud though...
    here are specs... then i can save? (maybe
    well motherboard is inspiron 530
    2gb ddr2 ram (lol)
    radeon hd 2400
    500gb 7200 rpm hard drive
    e5200 duel core intel chip 2.5ghz

    dunno anything else, what to do?
  14. sorry for all the triple, double replys, it says im not allowed to edit :(


    found out i can put ddr3 1333 ram in it :O
    and i think it has 2 pcie x16 slots too! :D
    and apparantly it can handle most of the new intel quads!
    what should i do......
  15. i guess.... :P
    i tried to edit, but thoiught 4 posts in a row was a bit exessive
  16. ok, i think this is a goo didea, but final consultation me thinks :)
    get whats at the top, ill change in a sec
    and then get another 5770 to crossfire
    get phenom x4 3.4ghz black edition
    and maybe liquid cooling
    after i build whats at the top, so i only lose out on £50 of the amd x3
    and i can have a decent pc till then, i should have a quad core 3.7-3.8ghz overclocked phenom ii, watercooled ofc :P 4-8gb of ddr3 ram, crossfire 5770 ati cards, and thats mostly it, you think tis a good idea??
  17. kk, is it good otherwise, just found decent cpu cooler like the Thermalright’s MUX-120
  18. oops i mean coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus
  19. by the way is it possible to crossfire a 5770 and a 5830 ? or would 2 5770s be around the same performance. i was also wondering what kinda performance (settings) crossfire of them would handle on fps games such as the call of duty series, and rts games (scii) i would like around high settings, and was wondering the mid spec crossfire cards for it :D
  20. found out i should be able to afford phenom ii x4 is this any good for overclocking and the likes?:
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