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What's the best video card I can get with an Athlon X2 7750

I'm trying to make my current PC last, it's an AM2 mobo: M2N-E I believe and I had to BIOS update just to get a X2 7750 BE in it.

I'm currently looking at a GTX 460 or HD 5850 but I'm wondering if my CPU bottleneck makes the 5850 or even GTX 460 worth it. Or what would you suggest is my upper limit?

The CPU is not overclocked, air cooled running at 2.7Ghz. 4 gigs of RAM on 32-bit Win 7 - so 3.5 available.
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  1. Anything upto a 5750 will not bottleneck your CPU.
  2. It depends on the games and the resolution that you play.
  3. Quote:
    I remember Tom's doing a test with the X2 7850 @ 2.8 and it DID bottleneck a HD4770. A HD5850 or GTX460 would be severely bottlenecked by that cpu.

    This is simply misinformation without knowing his resolution, what game and what settings. If he OCs the processor, and is running at 1080p with high settings and AA I doubt there will be much if any bottlenecking for a GTX 460 except on highly multithreaded cpu intensive games perhaps.
  4. No? Forgive me but your statement that @2.8ghz it bottlenecks an HD4770 is meaningless without context. You could probably get that processor to bottleneck an HD4670 depending on the game, resolution and settings.
  5. Game, for starters SC2 performance is passable but gets laggy in large battles. I have a HD 3870 at the moment btw

    I'm going to try to OC it to 3.0Ghz, never OCed before but with a BE, Overdrive and the guides here it shouldn't be too difficult I imagine. I think Civ5 will run without a hiccup but I may want to play FFXIV later which from the benchmark program I know will definitely bottleneck, nothing I can do there.

    FFXIV is my primary concern as it's CPU intensive, I can't get a brand new PC till next year, so I want to get a video card that maximizes my performance in FFXIV which I know isn't much since my CPU will bottleneck. On 720p I'd like it to be playable though (ya I know FFXIV is poorly written and a big CPU hog).

    I'd also like to take into account the next 6 months too, so average overall performance?

    1. FFXIV, X2 7750 BE @ 3.0Ghz, no AA, 1280x720, best gpu?
    2. General PC Games in the next 6 months, same CPU, no AA, 1280x1024, best gpu?

    I guess I'll buy whichever recommended GPU is the faster from the two, thanks guys.
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    The cards you mentioned are entirely inappropriate(overkill) for 1280x1024 especially with that processor. An HD5750 or GTS 450 would be a good choice for you.
  7. Great thanks, guess I'll get a temporary GTS 450 for the next few months
  8. You are comparing different models of the cards to artificially get a smaller price difference. The GTS 450 is $30 less after rebates;
    or there's one for $42 less if you ignore rebates;
    Getting something more powerful only makes sense if you are going to move it into the new computer whenever you get one and get a larger monitor when you do so.
  9. Looks like the lowest prices aren't in the sales, thanks for the links!
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