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How to update bios of gigabyte GA X58A UD3R rev1.0

hello techies
i am using gigabyte GA X58A UD3R rev1.0 with intel core i7-920 and 4GB ram,500GB HDD and BIG Geforce GT 240 graphics card On Windows-7 32-bit.I am facing problem with display when i am playing game it shows flickering in between even though I tried a very basic game like bike racing but it shows flickering.I have updated all drivers of windows,graphics card but problem is still with display. Now i am thinking to update my bios. I have tried with @BIOS utility given with motherboard but not working.My current bios version is F5 and new version 0F6 is available on gigabyte site I have downloaded this zip file but i don't know how to use it please guide.
Thanks in advance
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  1. What kind of flickering are you talking about?
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    What kind of flickering are you talking about?

    game is running smooth but flickering is randomly on any portion of screen for a short time like the small portion of screen is hanged and then on any where else on sereen
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    I'm not convinced a BIOS update is the best way to go, at least not until you are sure what the problem is. Can you borrow another graphics card to see if that fixes the problem?
  4. thanks for your reply . . . .
    I will try with another graphics card
    But as i was guided by a techi that bios update will resolve the problem .
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