Gtx 460, unstable all of a sudden?

been running my cyclone 460 at 905 core 1.087v for the past week or two,

i ran a bunch of kombuster / 3dmarks vantage tests when i first set it to 905, and it all passed fine

now 1-2 weeks later after light usage/gaming, i felt a slight choppiness in game so i decided to run 3dmarks vantage again, and now every time, the driver stops responding in the middle of the test

nothing has changed in terms of my cpu/gpu settings... i only played around w/ ram timings a bit

any idea what could cause this random instability? i dont think it's temps either cus i never reach over 60C under 100% load w/ fan at 80% and ambient has not really changed much... gaming is usually around 50-55C

could it be dust?? i do have an antec 900 that collects dust quite quickly

any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. Your full system config along with your PSU brand and rating.

    Are you on the latest driver?
  2. Revert back to stock speeds and check the performance again.
  3. Provided that the card still does the same back at stock speeds, my guess would be that while that OC was initially stable, it wore something out. OC'ing can do that. It can and often does shorten the lifespan of CPUs and GPUs.

    Call me a wimp (or a synonymous 5-letter word), but I always back down a step or two from what I find to be my most aggressive and stable OC. Following that method, I've yet to have an OC'd product die on me.
  4. I got a few guesses but you will only need one. The VRM on the back of your cards.....
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