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I have a Gigabyte ATi 4850 card. Running with GA-MA785gm-us2h, 4gb pc2-6400, Athlon X4 635. It was working fine for a week then after 20 mins of Mafia II gameplay, poof! screen went blank. There is no display when I connect the VGA to the monitor but the onboard VGA displays obviously. The fan on the card is still working. I requested an RMA from Gigabyte just in case because I don't want the warranty not to cover it since it's a little past 40 days now that I've bought it.

Any input? I never had a graphics card fail on me before or get fried, this will be my first and I have no clue where to start to seek for the problem. So any input would be great if you've had this happened before. Thanks.
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  1. Hello
    Well it seems its fried,maybe because of overheating.Can you test it in another system?
  2. That is the only way to be sure. Unfortunately, that is also somewhat risky.
  3. I'd say so, and it's gigabyte and to be honest why their mobos are pretty good, I've heard and exp. bad things when it comes to their vid. cards.
  4. I concur with Maziar and jsc, Test it on another system if possible and get back to us ;)
  5. Ok, I was a little hesitant to test it on another system.. seeing as how sometimes it could fry the other mobo but it didn't caused my damage on anything else but itself.
    The fan is still turning so maybe there's still hope. I will try it on another built and get back to you guys. ;)
  6. Sweet. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
  7. I've never had one die while in use, however I did have a 4850 that was dead when I got it. It looked like someone at the factory dropped it, but regardless, the computer would not even boot. The OCP would kick in and cut off power to the system. I put the old card back in and it worked great (equivalent to you using your onboard) proving it was just the new card. Returned it and got a replacement that has worked great ever since.
  8. Hi decode & everybody,

    Sorry for the late reply on this but I installed it in my other built and still the same thing - no display but fan is turning.I submitted an RMA request on Gigabyte and they accepted it yesterday so I packed it up and will be shipping it out tomorrow.

    I don't know what else I can do but I don't want to keep pushing trying to find out the problem myself, just in case if I cause even more problem, they won't cover it under warranty.

    Not much else to do here but wait :) will let you guys know if they found the problem or not. We shall see.
  9. Let us know how it goes,hopefully they'll give you a new one if they can't fix it.
  10. An RMA is a good idea. If the other one does the same thing, then chances are it's a driver problem or something like that.
  11. Thanks Maziar & multiscreenz.

    I got an email stating that they've received the package so I'm hoping they'll respond back soon to let me know what's wrong. For now, I haven't received anything. :(
  12. Hopefully they'll just declare it dead and send you a new one. In the past they've been pretty quick. I'd expect a reply one way or the other this week.
  13. Update:
    I should be receiving the package today from UPS. I'm waiting to hear the doorbell. I'll run it in the same system I've got and we'll see.
    They didn't exactly elaborate in the email they sent with the tracking number if they fixed it or if they replaced a new one for me so I'm hoping there's a paper inside stating what the problem was. Will let you guys know! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    For the time being, I guess I'll play me some Mafia II. :)
  14. I got the card back and it's working but apparently they could fix it because I match the serial number and it's the same as my original box.
    I thought they might attach a note or something about what was wrong with it but there is none :( so I'm not sure what the problem was.
    I fired up Mafia II to see if it runs alright and so far, the card is holding up. :/
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