this problem is so old and none of the companies have done anything about it ,this is so sad to us buyers, we take it for granted that we are buying the best from them for our systems in order for us to experience some comfort in gamming and relaxing our mines only to be sent into a tantrum of problems that seems to not want to stop, ATI needs to address this problem once and for all.i bought my board (INTEL), ATI card and everything yesterday put everthing together started it up working fine installed the game that came with the ATI card (HD 4570) CALL of DUTY4 (Modern Warfare) it started and aftyer ten(10) to Fifteen seconds STALLED from then to now i have been trying frantically to sort it out, this is the error message i got, The ati2dvag display driver has stopped working normally. Saveyour work and reboot the system to restorefull displayfunctionality.The next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload dataabout the failure to MICROSOFT. What is Microsoft and ATI doing about this, from what i read this problem has been around since the latter part of 2007-2008, We are in 2010 and this problem is still going on, Ther should be something we as gamers could do about it, even encourage others to not buty these ATI cards anymore untill ther is a solution to this problem. You know what it is to come home from a stressfull days work and say yes im going to unwind a little with my game or movie and wham shell shock giving you the feeling to just rip up the pc into pieces causing you more stress than ever? SOMEONE HELP US PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe . ATI get your act together and help us we have been supporting you now it's your turn to step up to the plate and HELLLLLLP!
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  1. This is a very common problem among both Nvidia/ATI users, sometimes its fixed by re-installing drivers/OS,disabling windows aero(in Vista and 7) etc. But sometimes its not fixable and you have to get a new card or RMA it(if its still under warranty)
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