Case LED connection to motherboard question!

So I have the Haf 912 and the asrock z68 pro3 I'm wondering how to connect the LED connectors to the motherboard. Theres a Power LED header that goes like this (PLED +)(PLED +)(PLED -) but the case only has a one PLED+ and one PLED-.

But theres also a System Panel Header that goes like this



should I put the two PLEDs there? Also how do I know which side of the HDLED is + or - when theres no sign? I also need help on which one is the GND out of the two from the RESET and PWRBTN connectors. I've read the case manual and they don't have anything on connecting these.
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  1. Pled's can come in either a 2 pin or 3 pin version.

    connect ur CASE -pin to the PLED- and the case +pin to either of the 2 PLED+

    The positive is the side that is colored (and the neg is either white or black)
  2. Thank you for the reply I didn't know that the ground wires were also white I thought they were just black so it held me back a bit.

    Can I leave the PLED+ and PLED- in the System Panel Header the way it is or are they only meant for the Power LED Header?
  3. ya still wondering
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