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Screen flicker problem

I brought my computer last week.

with main specs
i7 950
giga byte ud3r
ati fire pro v4800
6 gb ram
22 wide samsung monitor

The problem is - I am using 1920*1080 resloution wich is native to the monitor. the screen starts flickering when ever i play high quality videos or use high end programs like maya,mudbox or vue. the flickering stays for few seconds and goes way.

And when i use the 1680*1050 resolution. there is no problem of flickering. but the images or text looks blurry.

what could be the problem and how can this be sloved.

any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. Ya, And i use windows 7 64 unlimited
  2. Tried running the latest drivers?
  3. ya tried the new drivers aswell, and forget to mention i am using cooler master 650w ps
  4. what type of connection to the monitor are you using ?
  5. iam using analog connection
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    if you have dvi or hdmi,try one of those connections and see if the problem persists
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  8. OH, DVI to DVI worked. The problem is solved. Thank god.

    Thankyou for evryone.
  9. Thanks.....and your welcome
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