Intel 1155 cpu problem

Is their a problem with the Intel 1155 cpus and motherboards. I just purchased 2 Asus micro atx boards and 2 corI5 1155 cpus. Neweeg has pulled all 1155 cpu's and boards from their web site???? Should I be worried?
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  1. newegg emailed me read the news its the sata 2 ports that are dying sata 3 is ok
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    The cpu's aren't the problem. It's the Sata II controller on the motherboards. Newegg is offering a full refund if you want to return them.

    On both the 2500k and the p67? if so i will send them back.
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    I'm sure if you bitch enough they'll return the CPU as well.

    I like mine i don't have any issue 2 of my sata 3 gbs don't work but all 4x sata 3 work don't matter to me lol!
  4. Until asus makes it a mandatory recall cant i just keep this motherboard it has a 5 year warranty so when it shits out i can send it back correct?
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