[Monitor] BenQ XL2410T

Hello !

I have seen on numerous websites this screen to sell: BenQ XL2410T

It is usally bundled with 3d glasses and a 3dvision kit. It will be available to purchase end of september according to most sites.

I was however unnable to find any test or review of this screen. I found a more detailed sheet here: http://mediaserver.digitec.ch/dokumente/197257.pdf

I was wondering if any of you had seen a review of this screen somewhere; any information would be appreciated !

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  1. Quote:
    It's called a monitor, not a screen. If you can't find a review by using Google, your not going to get one here.

    +1, Were all google whores.
  2. @zipzoom .... indeed in my message I wrote "screen" but if you read the title it is written monitor ... so I was only half wrong .... yeahhh

    Anyway I was just trying ...
    I thought that Maybe someone around here could have heard about it ...
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