Where do I connect the Power LED cable from 650D to motherboard?

I have a Corsair 650D case and an ASRock z68 Gen3 Extreme3 motherboard. There are a set of cables from the case (for front panel) such as HDD LED, Power button, reset switch etc. I have connected them all successfully to the motherboard apart from the Power LED cable, there are 2, single pin cables, 1 with +, 1 with -. I have located the PWLED socket on the motherboard however the motherboard itself doesn't show + or - on it so I don't know exactly which cable connects to which pin. Could anyone help out here??? Sorry if this is a stupid question but its the first time I'm building a computer from scratch.
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    The polarity normally is indicated in the manual. Try it one way and if doesn't work, then reverse it. You can't harm anything.
  2. thanks i finally got it to work haha
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