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i've just unboxed and tried my new cml174sxw and it's blown me away. much, much better than the crappy 17" crt i've been using for the past few years. the only thing that annoys me is this little red dot in the middle of the display that shows up on when a non-white/bright colour occupies that area of the screen. can i do anything to fix this?

i'm using a gforce3 and have conected the monitor to it using the dvi and not the vga port, will this give me the best possible picture?

thanks in advance for helping a clue-less newbie!!
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  1. DVI will sure give you the best image quality.
    It seems sometimes that in DVI mode you don't get full
    control of monitor's settings (contrast,brightness etc.). But then it depends on manufacturer's implementation.
    So you could check also the VGA mode against the DVI mode and decide for yourself.
    Note that I don't have the Hitachi monitor so someone else could give you a more precise answer.
    As for the red dot, you could gently massage the area around the stuck dot with a soft cloth hoping to get it unstuck.This is not recommended though or even implied in any LCD manual, but it worked for me (I have a Viewsonic vp150m).Or you could return the monitor and get a new one...
  2. Is it possible to return the monitor becuase of "missing pixels"? I bought a 17" Relisys monitor, it has 2 of these annoying dots - one red one blue. I contacted the sellers ( They put my onto the monitor manufacturers - who in turn put my onto the manufacturer of the actual screen. They said to me - unless you have a minimum of 7 missing pixels we will not replace/repair the monitor, this is a know manufacturing problem.

    Where do I stand?

    (and does the gentle rubbing fix the problem?)

  3. Well I don't know, it depends on manufacturer's return policy for dead pixels. A bright red one in the center of the screen might qualify for a return, but a red one in a corner probably wouldn't.
    As for the "rubbing method" it worked for me but then it's risky because you might as well create a new dead pixel.
    But I was desperate (my panel wouldn't qualify for a return) and tried a desperate measure...luckily for my best...
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